Our Service

Our service is the creation of successful, innovative products for our clients.  We are contractors providing Java, XML, C, and C++, software development and hardware design.  Our core competency areas are:

A dedicated team of our designers, architects, programmers, and project managers is ready to be included as a short or long-term extension to your development group.  We have the experience, creativity, and innovation to team with you and deliver your successful product solutions.  We are ready to work with you as a partner towards the common goal of producing a practical embedded system or distributed application product that meets your requirements.

Ours is a team approach to software development, leveraging our full-time staff of professionals, not contract hires.  We prefer a low-risk, staged development process to enhance predictability and overall client satisfaction.  We believe good project management is critical to predictable, low-cost software development and we have structured our standard service to provide unique project management benefits to our clients.  We also believe it is essential that the latest project information be available to you anytime, from any location.

Team Approach For every project we accept, a team with the appropriate skills and experience is assembled from our in-house development engineers and one of our project managers is assigned.  Unlike other development contractors who throw together people from an ever-changing engineer pool that have never worked together before, our engineers have worked shoulder to shoulder for years and have a proven track record delivering successful solutions in a wide variety of mission critical situations.
Staged Development Most of our client relationships begin with a quick study in which we meet with the client to understand the problem and brainstorm together postulating a high-level approach for a solution.  Afterwards, we develop a Preliminary Report which describes the proposed solution, including an architectural sketch, high-level system design, risk assessment, and a rough project plan.  This deliverable serves as a low-cost, low-risk milestone at which time we have become familiar with the problem, have started to get to know one another as a team, and can review whether it makes sense to proceed.

Assuming the decision is to continue, the initial approach is usually refined, a detailed Requirements Specification is developed, followed by a detailed Project Plan and Test Plan.  After that, Design, Implementation, and Test phases are completed.

Project risk is minimized by regular client review of tangible checkpoints.  At each point, the client can review the progress of the project to date, refine the approach, and determine the next step in the process.
Project Management We believe that close collaboration and effective project management are essential to success.  As a result, we assign a Project Manager to each of our development teams to coordinate Giavaneers efforts as well as to serve as a client liason.   Our Project Managers not only report weekly on progress, but ensure up-to-date project schedules are published and available at all times at a client-specific secure location on our website.
Always Accessible We believe it is imperative that you be able to check progress anytime, from anywhere.  Our standard service includes a client-specific secure location on our website from which the latest project schedules, documentation, memos, current source code, interim demos, and virtually all other project information can be reviewed at any time.