More than just contract solutions providers, we at Giavaneers work with our clients as partners dedicated to the common goal of rapid deployment and overall product success.

GE Energy GE Energy electrifies the world by providing reliable, efficient products and services for the energy industry. They help businesses and authorities that generate, transmit or use electricity. They work in all areas of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy, as well as with renewable resources such as water and wind energy.
Symantec Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software, enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence in a connected world. The company helps customers protect their infrastructure, information, and interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance, and performance.
Ditech Communications Ditech Communications is a leader in the development of communications infrastructure equipment. Giavaneers contributed to the digital signal echo cancellation product line with embedded bus development across three operating systems as well as system level testbed development with a drag and drop UI controlling several T1 generators and switches.
Digital Reflection Digital Reflection is an innovator in the convergent television and computer monitor market. Giavaneers, in affiliation with OpenHouse Inc., has developed an embedded system application framework that is intrinsic to the Digital Reflection convergent television product. This product combines HDTV functions with DVD, CDROM, MP3, internet radio, e-mail, and consolidated shopping in a revolutionary dynamic interface.
OpenHouse OpenHouse is a pioneer in dynamic user interface and interactive architectures for digital television. Giavaneers, in affiliation with OpenHouse Inc., has developed an embedded system application framework that is targeted for set-top box and convergent digital television systems. This product combines NTSC and HDTV functions with DVD, CDROM, MP3, internet radio, e-mail, and consolidated shopping in a revolutionary dynamic interface.
Sensory Science Sensory Science is a high-end multimedia components manufacturer. Giavaneers, in affiliation with OpenHouse Inc., has developed an embedded system application framework for Sensory Science's multimedia appliance product.
Ericsson Ericsson is a world-leading supplier in telecommunications and data communications.  We participated in the development of a cutting-edge Windows phone system - CyberGenie.
The Boeing Company The Boeing Company is an acknowledged leader in Aerospace technology.  One particularly interesting project during our multi-faceted partnership was the design and implementation of a remotely-accessible network research testbed supporting user-defined models of various subsystems of the Teledesic Satellite System.

Solution - Teledesic
ARGOSystems, Inc. ARGOSystems, an innovator in adaptive signal processing and high speed telecommunications, has been a development partner for several years.  Our most recent collaboration is the newly released OC12 Fiber-Optic Protocol Analyzer, an OEM product for Radcom.

Solution - AS4950
ImageSnap ImageSnap's mission is to provide high-quality photo items, including jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, mugs, tiles and many more, via their Web site and a network of other Web sites.
Dascom, Inc. Dascom is a leading provider of scalable intranet security and management solutions.  Giavaneers participated in the IVCorba implementation.
Softlink Inchorus Through their sophisticated compression technology, Softlink InChorus has set a new standard for multimedia email communication.  Our Java multimedia player is a fundamental component of the InChorus technology.
Judicial Council of California Judicial Council of California Appellate Court Case management system allows the public access to court records.  Giavaneers has brought the first Appellate District online.
Resonate Resonate is a leader in server load balancing software.  Giavaneers implemented a Java user interface for Resonate commander.
United States Geological Survey United States Geological Survey is a world class environmental research organization.  We feel honored to be in partnership to provide a data management application for this premier organization.

Solution - USGS
The Blue Team The Blue Team envisioned a new business opportunity distributing electronic copies of leading magazine publications to individual subscribers via the Internet.  Our partnership involves the customization of Adobe Systems' Acrobat technology to allow Blue to sell and distribute magazine content in PDF format.
Network Dynamics Incorporated Network Dynamics Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of part inventory and purchasing systems.  Giavaneers extended Adobe's Acrobat product to allow NDI's extensive installed base of both 16 and 32-bit platforms to step up to the unique benefits of PDF technology.
NetCarta NetCarta was a leader in mapping software for the World Wide Web until its acquisition by Microsoft in 1997.  Our partnership included design and implementation of a multi-function Internet commerce system, integrating a leading shopping cart product, with previously standalone customer support and accounting system commercial backoffice database applications.
In affiliation with our strategic partner, Crosswise Corporation:
Adobe Systems Adobe Systems is a leader in Graphics and Desktop Publishing Software.  Giavaneers' staff in affiliation with Crosswise Corporation developed Trapeze, a cross-platform, multimedia teleconferencing product extending Acrobat technology across the Internet.

Solution - Adobe
Apple Computer Apple Computer also partnered with Crosswise and Adobe to develop Trapeze.  Earlier, it joined with Pacific Bell in Crosswise's initial product effort: the world's first, cross-platform, realtime teleconferencing application, FacetoFace.

Solution - Apple
Pacific Bell Pacific Bell was part of the initial partnership (along with Apple Computer and Crosswise) which developed the award-winning, cross-platform, teleconferencing application, FacetoFace.

Solution - Apple